nEar05 eXtreme

The world's first 5 inch active monitor nEar05. The history of 5 inch active studio monitors is keep going with new nEar05 eXtreme. Just in time for the 12th anniversary of nEar05 series. ESIO pioneered the use of high quality Kevlar in 5" monitoring systems. In combination with the Kevlar components and new tuning, nEar05 eXtreme offers an ultra-flat low frequency response, and a punchy low - mid range. Compared to the paper and polypropylene drivers used in most comparable products, the ESIO nEar05 eXtreme speakers will deliver a sound which will not disappoint. The ESIO monitoring systems have built a reputation which helps to place the speakers in studios all over the world. The nEar05 eXtreme takes all 5“- near field monitoring speakers to a new level.